This is your home for finding the copy writing, editing, publication management, marketing communications and voice work you need for all your professional projects.

A quick search of the Internet will turn up plenty of good communicators willing to work on your projects. So why select me? My value lies in my 20-plus years of experience in completing diverse communication projects with superior skill and attention to detail.

 Here are the services I offer my clients:

  • Hard news and features reporting, writing and editing
  • Book editing, writing and project management
  • Blog and social media content strategy
  • Press releases
  • Marketing copy writing and editing for print and web
  • Desktop design (Quark XPress and Photoshop)
  • Project management for print publications and websites
  • Technical writing
  • Voice-overs for commercial and corporate multimedia productions
  • Résumé writing

I look forward to discussing with you how these skills can be put to work to meet your communications needs.


Twitter: @robertfraass

Phone: 402/707-8357