Look at what clients and employers are saying about Robert:

I needed an editor, and I turned back to the man who so capably edited my first memoir, Robert Fraass. He has the gift of handling the writer gently while wielding a sharp surgical knife with a manuscript’s words/ Some indie authors skip the editing process, much to the detriment of their readers. Professional editing requires time and money, but the return on investment is worth it. No use foisting a rash of typos and grammar issues on the unfortunate readers who do not have the patience to wade through a quagmire. Poor Robert, I foisted my sloppy writing on him. But he worked magic, and without removing any story, he tightened my narrative by 7,730 words. My manuscript was 8.1 percent lighter!

– Monica Lee, Author of “Home Sweet Church” and “The Percussionist’s Wife”

Book Ghostwriting and Project Management

 As a business owner with multiple employees doing business in 49 states, finding time to write and publish a book would be a monumental task. I needed help.

After years of investigating, I found Robert Fraass. Robert works with potential authors in not only writing a book, but also getting it published.

He fully assisted me in writing my latest book, “Extreme Producers: Their Insights and Secrets.” I truly appreciated that he was extremely detailed and stay motivated to keep the project on schedule.

Robert’s professionalism delivered a product beyond my expectations.

Not only does Robert have outstanding writing skills, but he also did extensive research to verify facts and other data. He also researched my ideas to include more details.

In addition, Robert worked with publishers. He narrowed down the choice of publishers and handled initial negotiations. He fully worked with the chosen publisher to take the manuscript to completion. The book is now published and listed on multiple sites, including Amazon.com and ExtremeProducers.com.

Writing a book is a monumental challenge. Robert managed the project perfectly to completion. Without Robert, writing and publishing a book would still be on my “wish” list.

—Jerry Hraban, Author, “Extreme Producers: Their Insights and Secrets,” now available on at ExtremeProducers.com.

Magazine Writing and Editing

 “Robert is an all-around pro. His experience working at all types of publications, serving a variety of audiences and wearing the hats of editor, reporter, freelance writer and more means he understands the needs of everyone in a story’s production and can deliver with an insider’s knowledge of what works.”

—Trevor Meers, Former Executive Editor, Midwest Living magazine

Email Marketing and Blog Articles

 “Robert is an excellent writer and always meets our deadlines. He’s responsive and easy to work with. We will continue to work with him in the future and continue to give him even more business.”

—John McMillan, Account Director, Vyral Marketing

Book Ghostwriting and Publishing

“I couldn’t have found a more suitable fit than Robert when searching for an editor for my recently published book (May 2010). Not only is he concise and thorough, he also laid out an excellent schedule that worked quite well for both of us. His communication throughout the entire process was stellar. Robert went above and beyond every expectation that I had for an editor. I am currently working on my second book, and I won’t hesitate to entrust my work to him again.”

—Sharon Henderson, author of  “How I Lost 200 Pounds in One Day!”, now available on Amazon.com and Xlibris.com.

Freelance Writing and Editing

“I have had the pleasure of working with Robert in several capacities for more than 10 years now. His ability to write for multiple audiences is a major asset for my interactive agency. Robert writes in a clean, authentic, to-the-point style. Robert is always professional, timely and delightful to work with. I have the highest regard for Robert and his work. I highly recommend him for any technical or creative writing and editing projects.”

—MJ McBride, Founding Partner, REBEL Interactive

Publication Management and Budgeting

“Robert Fraass took over the editor’s desk at Columban Mission magazine in 2001. During his seven-plus years in that position, in addition to improving the look of our publications, he introduced several up-to-date technologies. This resulted in both an improved publication and considerable cost savings.”

—Rev. John Burger, former U.S. Region director, Missionary Society of St. Columban

Writing and Fundraising

“Robert has the incomparable ability to construct compelling stories from narratives that are sparse in detail and lacking in emotion. This proved to be essential skill at MSSC especially when communicating (effectively) with our benefactors. Robert is a model of journalistic integrity, always driven by quality — not quantity.”

— Jeff Norton, Marketing and Development Director, Missionary Society of St. Columban