These samples of my work represent a cross-section of projects completed over the past 10-plus years. Printed samples of my work, when available, can be obtained upon request.


Here are some of the websites that I have written either in part or completely (contents may have changed).

Election Systems & Software:

Missionary Society of St. Columban:

Hawkins Construction:

Mutual of Omaha Agent Access online magazine:

Holiday Bright Lights:

Malibu Homes of Omaha:

Vyral Marketing: Email marketing messages and blog posts, primarily for real estate firms

Tristan Roberts & Associates: SEO writing for various real estate websites


Feature Writing

A Transcontinental Journey Through Time On U.S. Route 6

Award-winning profile of a Catholic lay missionary

Heartland Family Service success story

A Columban priest’s youth home in the Philippines

The history of an Omaha country club for a commemorative brochure

Marketing & Press Releases

Major contract award announcement for Election Systems & Software
>> Article 1

Software success stories for ACI Worldwide
>>Article 1
>>Article 2

Advertorial for Omaha Publications
>>Article 1

Missionary Society of St. Columban press releases
>>Press release 1
>>Press release 2

Jushmuc Game Box product announcement
>> Article 1

Home Improvement & Lifestyle

Articles for Remodeling Ideas for Your Home magazine
>>Article 1
>>Article 2
>>Article 3

Articles for Omaha Publications
>>Article 4
>>Article 5


Agent Access: Mutual of Omaha’s Financial Strength

Profile on Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE)

Personal finance column

Technology climate in Omaha

Creating a positive corporate culture feature

Omaha Destination Midtown initiative

Health Data Card article

Profile on Omaha tea shop

Profile on unique Omaha photography studio


Profile of America Online

Stock market fractions-to-decimals conversion

Visa Cash technology

Trends in instant messaging

Web browser plug-in software

Early USB technology

Compressing Large Files

Language diversity on the Internet

How to network home computers

Protection against malware and viruses

Introduction to blogs

Advantages of Windows XP Service Pack 2

Technical Writing

Tutorial on the basics of the Internet for business (2005)