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Those shopping for a children’s game often run into the same obstacles: Games the child finds boring, and games the child quickly outgrows.

But what if you could buy a game that can be made more challenging as the child grows older? That’s the unique feature that sets the Jushmuc Game Box™ apart from other puzzle toys in the retail marketplace.

Jushmuc Game Box™ is a new, outrageously fun puzzle game designed for children 3 years of age and older. With its variety of themes, colors and three-dimension problem-solving, the Jushmuc Game Box™ challenges children to use their spatial relationship skills, memory, and motor skills as they work toward a solution. The games played on the Jushmuc Game Box™ can range from the very simple to the very complex, and there are unlimited game variations.

Best of all, the Jushmuc Game Box™ gives players the feeling of accomplishment without the frustrations that often come with other puzzles and games. The game requires thought and strategy, but it is not intimidating. Because the player must remember where sliders are and think in three dimensions, it sparks their human creativity when solving the puzzle.

Here’s how it works: Each Jushmuc Game Box™ is comprised of three layers of colored tiles, called sliders, which rest in the box’s nine chambers. Game players hold the box with two hands and use their thumbs to move the slider among the chambers. The sliders in each chamber sit on a spring base. As a slider is moved from one chamber to the next, the slider below the slider just moved springs upward.

The object of this puzzle game is to move all the sliders of one color (green, red, or blue) to the top layer of the box in the shortest length of time.

The design of the Jushmuc Game Box™ makes it easy to play, even in the small hands of a young child. It sets comfortably in the hands and is not tiring to play. The Jushmuc Game Box™ resembles other three-dimensional puzzle games, but unlike many of them, there is no sequence of moves that can be memorized to solve it. The solution lies in creatively coming up with the right combination of moves that will uncover the needed buried slider.

When you buy the Jushmuc Game Box™, you also get the Jushmuc Virtual PC Game™—for no additional cost. The compact disc version of the game lets players take their Jushmuc fun to the family’s home PC. Future versions of Jushmuc Game Box™ will features sliders with different themes—such as sports, cartoons and geometrical shapes—in addition to the current version, which features sliders that are green, red and blue.

“The Jushmuc Game Box™ represents a new generation of exciting games,” said Samir Safar, the vice president of sales for SAFAR Enterprises, the game’s manufacturer and distributor. “It’s a game that fits into both a child’s physical and virtual world.”

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